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Lane's Car Products offers a variety of kits and products to achieve professional results on your car's exterior and interior! Whether your car is new or used, Lane's products are guaranteed to keep your vehicle in showroom condition. They offer exterior car products, such as soaps, glosses, and waxes for your car and tires. Interior car products are also available to clean and shine! All kits are offered with 16oz or 32oz product sizes.

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Lane's Car Products

Choose between 16oz or 32oz bottles
Exterior Car Products  
New Car Detailing Kit
Car Wash Tire & Wheel Paint Prep Kit
Ultimate Wheel Polishing & Tire Cleaning Kit
Lane's Car Detail


Lane's Top Edition Wax Package
Lane's Carnauba Wax Kit
Chrome Wheel & Tire Cleaner Kit
Aluminum Wheel & Tire Cleaner Kit

Lane's Specialized Tire & Wheel Kit
Super Blue Tire Gloss Shine and Tire Cleaner Kit
Super Blue Tire Gloss Shine, Tire Cleaner, and Tire Dresser Applicators Kit
Aluminum Wheel Polish & Wheel Cleaner Kit


Chrome Wheel Polish & Cleaner Kit
Car Wash Soap & Carnauba Wax Kit
Car Wash Soap & Paint Sealant Sealer Wax Kit
Car Wash Soap & Gold Edition Car Wax Kit


Lanes Headlight restorer Kit makes your headlights like new  
Car Wash Soap Water Sprite Wash Mitt Kit
Show Car Engine Degreaser, Cleaner, and Dressing Kit
Lane's Accessory Detail Kit
Lane's Headlight Cleaner & Restorer Polish
Choose between 16oz or 32oz bottles
Interior Car Products  
New Car Detailing Kit
Premium Interior Detail Package
Ultimate Interior Package
Leather Care Kit


Auto Interior Shine and Vinyl Cleaner Kit
Auto Interior Shine, Microfiber Gloves, and Vinyl Cleaner
Dry Foam Professional Carpet Upholstery Seat Cleaner & Scrub Brush
Lane's Accessory Detail Kit


Our staff has personally tested most of these products on their own cars and trucks.

Wash & Shine - What a difference! Just wash your car with this car soap and towel dry. Cleans great and the finish glows - I mean glows. Used it on my Dodge red truck and dark blue Mustang and it looks like I waxed it for hours. Even after 2 weeks the finish shines.







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Interior Car Products
Headlight Restorer Kit
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