Frequently Asked Questions
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  Frequently Asked Questions on using the ULTIMATE AUTO ACCESSORIES website.

 1. Too many items come up when listing products for my vehicle - How do I refine the search?
 2. My vehicle does not look like the one in the picture.
 3. How is shipping calculated?
 4. How soon will my order be delivered?
 5. When will I receive a tracking number?
 6. The application years listed on the tracking number email does not include my vehicle model year - will it fit?
 7. I ordered a part# "56211__2" but "56211" was delivered - will it fit?
 8. If I return an item that had Free Shipping, do I get the whole purchase amount back?
 9. I tried to purchase more than $250 with a Debit or Check Card and my order was Declined - Why?
10. How do I pay with a Money Order?
11. DUPLICATE TRANSACTION - I entered my credit info incorrectly or my browser froze - What do I do?
12. Do you ship outside the U.S.A?
13. What does the terms "New Body Style", "Classic", "Heritage", "Club Cab", etc. mean?
14. DIMENSIONAL WEIGHT- How is this different than actual weight?




Searching for Products:
The website is designed to search for products that match the Year and Make of your vehicle. If you would like to refine the returned info, just add the model name in the search window at the top of the page.

If would like to see all of the products that fit your particular vehicle, click the Search button at the top of every page and enter you specific information. Such as: "ford F250" or "1997 chevy suburban" (without the quotes).

Search Terms:
Vehicle model names that use a collection of letters and/or numbers follow a simple convention like:

  • S-10, S-15, C/K, HD, 1500, 2500, 3500
  • F150, F250, F350
  • RAM, 1500, 2500, 3500
  • T100
    (terms are Not case sensitive)
To condense the items returned by the Search Utility, select "Short Display". This will remove the thumbnail pictures and provide more data on the page.

Pictures of products on the website:
Manufacturers only provide a sample set of pictures for their products. In most cases, we use a picture that is similar to the actual item to show what it looks like in the general sense. Typically the actual picture is not available.

Shipping Costs:
Our shipping costs are based on weight and the zip code to were they are being delivered.
*** Shipping Special - Free Ground Shipping on all 48 US State orders with the following exceptions:
     1) Does NOT Include products that must be shipped Truck Freight.
     2) Does NOT include shipments to Alaska & Hawaii.
     3) Does NOT include International Shipments.
A Shipping Calculator can be found on the upper right side of every Product Page and at the bottom of the Basket. It will show expedited shipping costs. You will need to add an item into the basket for the shipping calculator to function.


Merchadise Delivery:
Most items are available for shipment within 24 hours - we do not ship on weekends or holidays. Ultimate Auto Accessories uses several fulfillment centers within the United States. Your order may arrive in multiple shipments.

Expedited Shipping is available for products that are NOT listed as Truck Freight. You may select expedited shipping on orders mixed with regular and Truck Freight but those orders will be split and shipped separately.
*** Orders received over the weekend are processed on Monday.
*** Orders received on Holidays are processed the next business day.

Ultimate Auto Accessories uses UPS and Fed Ex for shipping products to its customers - UPS and Fed Ex cannot deliver to PO or APO boxes.

Ultimate Auto Accessories ships in-stock products for our 3 warehouses in PA, KS, and CA. Your order takes 1 day to process (not including Sat/Sun/Holidays) and up to 5 days** (not including Sat/Sun/Holidays) to deliver. Typical Ground delivery time is 3 Days with the following exceptions:

  • Alaska and Hawaii orders ship Ground or Air, (Free Shipping does not apply but shipping is discounted) - Allow 3-10 days.
  • Lloyd Custom Floor Mats ship UPS/Fed Ex Ground - Allow 3-10 days (From CA)*
  • Tuff Country Suspensions & Products ship UPS Ground - Allow 3-10 days (From UT)*
  • SuperLift Suspensions & Products ship UPS/Fed Ex Ground or Truck Freight - Allow 3-10 days (From LA)*
  • Nasta Nerf Bars ship UPS Ground - Allow 3-10 days (From TN)
  • Aries Nerf Bars ship UPS/Fed Ex Ground - Allow 3-10 days (From CA)
  • Steelcraft Nerf Bars ship UPS/Fed Ex Ground - Allow 3-10 days (From CA)
  • RollBak Tonneau Covers ship UPS - Allow 3-10 days (From CA)*
  • Stampede Camo Products ship UPS/Fed Ex Ground - Allow 3-15 days (From IA)*
  • Wheelskins products ship US Priority Mail - Allow 3-5 days (From CA)

  • *   - Lift kits are built to order and may take 2-5 days to package before shipment.
    *   - RollBak Tonneau Covers are built to order - lead time is 2-5 days before shipment.
    *   - Some Stampede Camo Products are made to order - lead time is 7-10 days before shipment.
    *   - Lloyd custom mats are made to order - lead time is 2-5 days before shipment.
    ** - Delays caused by weather may increase delivery past 5 days.
Expeditied Shipping: - Click Here for Details

Tracking Numbers:
Tracking Numbers for Fed Ex orders shipped from stock will typically be emailed by Fed Ex 24 hours AFTER the product SHIPS. Tracking numbers for UPS ground shipments are typically emailed by Ultimate Auto Accessories 24 hours after the products ships. If you mistype your email address or have your email blocked by AOL or Earthlink you will not receive a tracking number.

Vehicle Application years listed on the tracking number email does not include my vehicle model year - will it fit?:
YES... The product application years included with the tracking number email may be out of date because the database is not as current as the website.

I ordered a part# "56211__2" but "56211" was delivered - will it fit?:
YES... Most code numbers used on the website are the manufacturers code number. Sometimes the same code number is used in multple vehicles, like Chevy, GMC, and Cadillac. The code numbers in our database must be unique so the double underscore number is used to differentiate between them. They are the SAME product.

Return of an item that had Free Shipping:
On Non-Defective Returns - Items shipped with Free Freight will only be credited for the difference after actual shipping charges are accessed.
Defective returns always credit shipping.

I tried to purchase more than $250 with a Debit or Check Card and my order was Declined - Why?:
Most banks put a $250 limit per day on the use of a Debit or Check Card. To make a purchase over the $250 limit you would have to contact your bank to request a limit change or make multiple smaller purchases.

How do I pay with a Money Order?:
Process your order on the website and select "Money Order" for the payment method. In the field labeled "Money Order#", enter the number if available, otherwise enter "Will Mail". Send Money Orders with a copy of your order from the website to our Mailing Address. We recommend you send your money order with a tracking number so you will know it was delivered. Do NOT send it Certified Mail which costs much more and has to be signed for. Make sure you include your phone number and an email address so we can confirm your order and send you tracking information.

Mail Money Order to:
Ultimate Auto Accessories
P.O. Box 1434
Cary, NC 27512

DUPLICATE TRANSACTION - I entered my credit info incorrectly or my browser froze- What do I do?:
Our website has a safeguard to prevent individuals from committing fraud by trying to use a stack of credit card numbers for the same order to find one that is accepted.

If you entered your credit card information incorrectly, then corrected it, and received the Duplicate Transaction message, just wait 1 minute and try again.

If your browser froze, crashed, or reset after the submit button was pressed our system probably has your order even though you received no confirmation. The best thing to do is call us at 1-919-303-2651 or email us at We can determine whether or not your order was received.

Do you ship outside the U.S.A?:
YES. Ultimate Auto Accessories has partnered with Bongo International to process and handle orders delivered outside the USA. When you select a country that is not the United States as a Ship To address during checkout, you will be connected to Bongo to complete the order. Truck freight items included.
*** At this time, Coupon Discounts do NOT apply to international orders.
Canadian customers: some items are now available for shipment inside Canada, call for details or use the Bongo system. Coupon discounts are available.

What does the terms "New Body Style", "Classic", "Heritage", "Club Cab", etc. mean?:
The auto manfacturers' have come up with some descriptive but sometimes confusing naming conventions for their vehicles.
"New Body Style" - In 1999 Chevy introduced a new truck with improved suspension and a new body style. But they had millions of truck parts left over from the old body style, so from 1999 through the end of 2000 they built both "old" and "new" models. To make matters worse they did not badge the vehicles differently - you just have to know. Also, the old body style trucks got a mixture of suspension upgrades from the new model throughout the 1999-2000 period so nobody knows what's under there.

"Classic" - Again in 2007, Chevy and GMC built Classic models which were a carryover of the 2006 model. They do not have a badge on the truck but the title will say 2007 Classic. Select "2006" as the model year when chosing parts to fit this truck.

"Heritage" - In 2004, it was Ford's turn to upgrade the F150. To use up the left over parts inventory they built "old" and "new" models. But Ford added the badge of "F150 Heritage" to designate that this truck was based on the 2003 model.

"Club Cab" - The Club Cab refers to 2 Door Extended Cab Dodge Ram trucks built between 1994 to 2001/2002. A Quad Cab was introduced in 1997 that had 4 doors with the rear 2 in reversed "suicide" style. (The Ram 1500 model ran from 1994-01 and the Ram 2500/3500 model 1994-02). The "Quad Cab" Ram built after 2001/2002 has 4 full sized doors and the Club Cab was discontinued.

DIMENSIONAL WEIGHT - How is this different than actual weight?:
Fed Ex and UPS have shifted their shipping rates to be based on the size of the box versus the actual weight. The larger the box, the higher the dimensional weight. Fed Ex and UPS now use the greater of the actual weight or the dimensional weight. Many light products that come in larger boxes, like floor mats, now have a dimensional weight that is about double the actual weight. Also, oversized items like bed caps or nerf bars now have a dimensional weight that exceeds their weight. Our website has been adjusted to comply with the new dimensional weight rates for Fed Ex and UPS.