Firestone Air Suspension Puts You in Control

Ride on a cushion of air and increase your load capacity with one of our truck air suspension kits. One of the most versatile truck accessories you can add, a Firestone truck air suspension kit installs easily and allows maximum control of your ride and load profile under almost any conditions. Firestone Air Suspension includes the Ride-Rite, Coil-Rite, and Sport-Rite Air Bag Suspension Kit Lines. Everything is included for a quick, easy installation. Brackets, air springs, hardware, air line, and inflation valves for manual inflation.

New! Firestone R4Tech Air Suspension Kits
Want your Heavy Duty truck to ride like a Light Duty truck?

Firestone Air Suspension

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firestone Ride-Rite helper springs mount to the frame for strength Firestone Sport-Rite kit shown in truck Firestone Coil-Rite Air Bag fits inside the coil spring
Ride-Rite Sport-Rite Coil-Rite
Ride-Rite kit showing bags, brackets, and air lines Sport-Rite kit box as shown Coil-Rite parts kit
2158 Compressor with single gauge 2168 Heavy Duty Compressor with dual gauge
Firestone Air Bags


Trust us for the latest in truck accessories to maximize enjoyment and efficiency of your truck. Order your air bag suspension kit today!
Firestone Air Suspension Systems are designed for stock truck suspensions. If your truck currently has a suspension lift, air bag spacers are available. Call us before ordering.

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