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PIAA has been the acknowledged leader in innovative automotive products for decades. Visionary design, inspired engineering and quality components are the hallmark of PIAA's reputation with drivers of distinction. PIAA lenses are computer designed for optimum performance and are made of hardened prism cut glass to withstand the rigors of off road racing and normal highway hazards. PIAA's lamps feature a specially designed polyphenylene sulfide composite, aluminum or stamped steel housing. These materials make it possible for the lamps to operate using higher wattage bulbs without sacrificing bulb life. PIAA quality makes PIAA lighting systems the serious driver's choice. Click Here for Car Applications.

Vehicle Specific kits for the Chevy Silverado, Dodge Ram, and Cooper - Click Here

All Piaa Light Kits listed below contain 2 Lamps, Wiring, and Instructions.

PIAA Lighting

6" 520 Series
Piaa 5262 Driving Light
6" 520 Series
Piaa 5294 Driving Light

6" 520 Series
Piaa 5263
6" 520 Series
Piaa 5293

5" 540 Series
Piaa 5461 Fog Light

5" 540 Series
Piaa 5462 Driving Light

7" 580 Series

4" 510 Series
Piaa 5161 Fog Light
4" 510 Series

Piaa 5164 Driving Light

4" 410 Series
Piaa 410 Driving Light Kit


1900 Series

Piaa 0492 Driving Light 004XT Xtreme
2000 Series
Piaa Plasma Ion Yellow Fog 2091
2190 Series
1500 Backup
Piaa 1540 1500 Backup Light Kit


-- Vehicle Specific Light Kits --
2003-05 Dodge Ram
Piaa 5432 Dodge Ram Kit Piaa
2002-06 Cooper/Cooper S
PiaaPiaa 5430 for Cooper and Cooper S

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