Ladder Bars
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 Ladder Bars and Traction Bar for Trucks

Tuff Country Truck Ladder Bars help reduce axle hop or wrap, thus provide increased traction and acceleration by maintaining tire contact with the road. Fits trucks lifted 0" - 6".

RCD Trac-Link Traction Bars are designed to help eliminate that nasty wheel hop or shudder that is a common problem on lifted vehicles, especially with larger, higher traction tires. The main body of the arms is formed from one piece of 304 Stainless Steel or 14-gauge mild steel utilizing a unique manufacturing process to create a very strong and virtually seamless construction. The Stainless Steel arms come fully polished and the mild steel units are powder coated with a thick layer of our unique "Gator Finish" black powder coat to provide years of corrosion resistance. Designed for trucks lifted 3" - 6".

Superlift Torque Max Traction Bars Designers added another new twist with their design. Any time the springs are not being evenly compressed, such as when you are turning or driving off-road, a twisting force is transmitted through the traction bars to their frame anchor point. The unique Torque Max swivel-ends prevent these destructive torsion loads from stressing the truck's frame. Available in Standard Series for 4"-6" lifted trucks and Select Series for 6"-10" lifted applications.
Superlift Super Trac Traction Bars are designed for lighter duty applications but are both durable and functional.

Ladder Bars

Black Truck Ladder Bars are our most popular type
For heavy Duty use or Racing choose RCD traction bars
SuperLift torque max traction bars fit trucks with up to 10" of lift

Tuff Country ladder bars

RCD suspension black and stainless ladder bar

Superlift ladder bars for lifted trucks

Tuff Country Ladder Bars
RCD Traction Bars
SuperLift Traction Bars













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