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Truck Parts and Accessories

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Grills for trucks
Nerf Bars on red ford truck
Vent visors
tape on hood scoop for trucks
Truck Grills
Bolt-Over Grilles & Full Replacement
Nerf Bars
Stainless, Chrome, Black
Vent Visors
Black, Tinted, Chrome
Hood Scoop
Easy tape on - Ready for Paint
Chrome Door Handle Covers
Floor Mats
Lloyd made to order carpet floor mats
Chrome Truck Accessories
Door handle and mirror covers
New Camo Products
Choose from 7 Camo Patterns
Floor Mats & Liners
Custom fit styles / Carpet & Rubber
Lloyd Mats
Personalized Luxurious Carpet Mats
Truck Tonneau Covers
Truck Air Bag Kits
Lift Kits
fender flares add tire coverage
Tonneau Covers
Easy Installation - Saves Gas
Air Suspension
Air Bag Kits & Compressors
Lift Kits for Trucks
Suspension Lift, Body Lift, Leveling
Fender Flares
Adds Style and Tire Coverage

Seasonal Accessories

WeatherTech Floor Liner

Truck Accessories for Fall

  • Hood Shield - Low Profile, Full Height - Smoke, Chrome, & Camo
  • WeatherTech - Precision Fit Floor Liners.
  • Camouflage - Seven Camo Patterns for the great outdoors
  • Tonneau Cover - Protect your bed from the elements.
  • Vent Visors - Tape-on or Inchannel - Acrylic, Chrome, Camo
  • Graphic Decals - Vinyl graphics design for the DIY user.
  • Camo Truck Accessories Mossy Oak Breakup Camouflage

    Bed Accessories

    Truck Bed Extender

    Bed Accessories

  • Bed Caps - Stainless or Black ABS bed protection.
  • Bed Extender - Adds more cargo room in minutes.
  • Bed Mats - Heavy gauge rubber, Tailgate mats also.
  • Bed Liners - Keep your truck bed looking great.
  • Bed Rails - Stainless Steel beauty.
  • Cargo Management - Cargo Bars - Cargo Nets.
  • Cargo Gate - Holds your cargo - Lift, Lock, & Load.
  • Bed Caps and Bed Rails

    Chrome Accessories

    Chrome Door Handles parts and accessories

    Chrome Acc

  • Door Handle Covers - Easy Peel and Stick installation.
  • Door Handle Replacement - Feel the difference
  • Exhaust Tips - Polished Stainless Steel.
  • Flame Trim - Adds cool flames to your truck.
  • Fuel Doors - Make your truck stand out.
  • Mirror Covers - Really dress up a truck.
  • Side Vents - Performance look.
  • Third Brake Light Covers - Brushed & Polished finish.
  • Chrome Truck Accessories Fuel Door Cover

    Floor Mats and Liners

    Husky Floor Liners and mat accessories

    Floor Mats & Liners

  • Cargo Liners - Durable cargo area protection.
  • Floor Mats - Fan Mats - Add you favorite team logo.
  • Floor Mats - Husky - Extra thick with high ridges.
  • Floor Mats - Lloyd - Custom carpet and rubber mats.
  • Floor Liners - Husky - Premium protection.
  • Floor Liners - Nifty - Look of carpet, Maximum coverage.
  • Floor Liners - WeatherTech - Stylish perfect fit.
  • SUV Cargo Liner

    Grill Inserts

    Stainless denali style grill

    Grille Inserts

  • Bully Imposter Grills - Easy install, Economical.
  • Carriage Works Grills - Aluminum Bolt-Over grilles.
  • E&G Classic Grills - Polished Stainless Steel designs.
  • Grillcraft Sport Grills - Black or Silver powdercoat.
  • Nasta Stainless Grills - Billet style.
  • Putco Stinless Grills - Many different grill patterns.
  • StreetScene Grills - Chrome speed grills.
  • Black Truck Grill

    Grille Guards

    Stainless Grill Guard

    Grill Guards - Bull Bars - Light Bars

  • Bull Bars - Chrome, Stainless Steel, and Black finish.
  • Grillguards - Full frontal protection - One Piece - Solid.
  • Light Bars - Mounts for 2 or more lights.
  • Taillight Guards - Black or Stainless.
  • Chrome Bull Bar


    Driving Light Kit

    Fog Lights - Driving Lights - Off-Road

  • Driving Light Kits - Improve your night vision down the road.
  • Fog Light Kits - See better in bad weather.
  • LED Taillight Bar - Universal - 60" or 48" width.
  • Euro Style Taillights - Many styles.
  • Off-Road Light Kits - Illuminate the world.
  • Fog Lights on truck

    Nerf Bars

    Oval Tube Steps

    Nerf Bars - Step Bars

  • 3 Inch Round Tubes - Most popular-Chrome-Stainless-Black
  • 4 Inch Round Tubes - Putco Boss Bars & Aries Big Step.
  • Oval Tube Steps - Straight and curved oval designs.
  • Stirrup Style Side Bars - Perfect for lifted trucks.
  • Dually Step Bars - Putco Kick-Out or N-Fab W-W.
  • Wheel to Wheel Steps - Full length - 3 Step pads per side.
  • Stainless Nerf Bars - Most popular-Impervious to weather
  • Chrome Nerf Bars - Brilliant shine
  • Black Nerf Bars - Lowest cost - Great for black-out look
  • Nerf Bars

    Performance Accessories

    Performance Air Intake Kit

    Performance Accessories

  • Air Filters - K & N Filters and Fuel Injection Performance kits.
  • Cat Back - Diesel Engines - Three models of performance.
  • Cat Back - Gas Engines - Great Sound - Polished Stainless.
  • Fuel Injection Performace Kits - Increase horsepower.
  • R4Tech Rear Suspension - Soften the ride of your HD truck.
  • Cat Back Exhaust

    Running Boards

    Running Boards

    Running Boards &Truck Steps

  • Fixed Running Boards - Bolt-On installation - Some lighted.
  • Retractable Running Brds - Fully automated, holds 600 lbs.
  • Truck Steps - Fixed and Adjustable steps.
  • Bed Step - Swings out when you need access to the bed.
  • Hitch Step - Easily reach into truck bed or top of SUV.
  • Truck Steps

    Suspension Kits

    Truck Suspension

    Suspension - Lift - Level - Air

  • Add-a-Leaf - Easy and low cost way to lift your 4WD truck.
  • Air Suspension - Increase your load capacity.
  • Body Lift Kits - Increase tire clearance by 2" or 3".
  • Ladder Bars - Reduce axle hop & wrap.
  • Leaf Springs - Ready to install with bushings.
  • Leveling Kits - Eliminate the nose down rake.
  • Lift Kits - 4WD & 2WD Suspension Lift Kits.
  • R4Tech - Make your HD truck ride smooth when empty.
  • Shocks - OEM and Lifted - Hydraulic & Nitrous Gas.
  • SuperLift Lift Kits

    Truck Accessories

    Truck Ventvisors

    Truck Accessories

  • Bug Deflectors - Most are No-Drill. Shields the hood.
  • Fender Flares - Add style and extra tire coverage.
  • Fender Trim - Fender well trim.
  • Headache Racks - Strong cab protecton.
  • Headlight Covers - Protect headlights or show truck style.
  • Hood Scoops - High performance look.
  • Mud Flaps - Deflect stones and mud.
  • Sunroof Wind Deflector - Reduce wind noise.
  • Vent Visors - Tape-on or Inchannel - Acrylic, Chrome, Camo
  • Truck Hood Scoop

    Tonneau Covers

    Folding Truck Bed Cover

    Tonneau Covers - Truck Bed Covers

  • Tri-Fold Bed Cover - Most popular.
  • Hinged Bed Cover - Tough and Convienient.
  • Retractable - Most secure bed cover.
  • Roll Up Tonneau - Clamp-in install - Total Bed available.
  • Seal & Peel - Seal the bed like a "ZipLoc® Bag".
  • Snap Truck Bed Cover - Most economical.
  • Roll up tonneau cover on Toyota Tundra



    Vent Visors Have you ever had to roll down your window at the bank or drive-through on a rainy day and your arm and inside of your door get drenched from the rain runoff. Vent visors for the windows will prevent this from happening. You can even have your window rolled down a bit and stay dry. The ventvisors come in sets of four or two depending on your vehicle so that you and your passengers can enjoy the fresh air and stay dry.
    Each Ventshade rain guard is made of reinforced impact-resistant acrylic in attractive dark smoke acrylic. Easy to install with strong 3M brand OEM-approved tape. Vent visors are available in 2 models, Tape-On and In-Channel. The Tape-On ventvisor is taped to the outside of the window frame. The in-channel vent visor fits in the window channel and is taped inside the frame. In-Channel ventvisors are more popular because the edges are hidden and offer a more clean installation. The 3M tape is extremely strong and will hold the vent visor in place for the life of the truck or SUV. Vent Visors are also called rainguards or ventshades or ventvisors

    Also available are truck vent visors in Chrome finish or Camo finish. Seven distinct patterns may be selected with the camoflage configurator and are Tape-On install only. Chrome finish is available in both Tape-On and In-Channel varieties.

    WeatherTech makes a unique precision ventvisor called a Weatherflector. Weatherflectors have a light grey tint and fit into the window channel without the use of any tape. If you want great looks and the ability to easily remove the vent visor, then this is your choice.

    Bug Deflectors help prevent damage to the hood, windshield, and fenders from expensive-to-fix nicks and pesky bugs. A Bug Shield will Improve the look of your vehicle and protect your investment. They come in two versions: Wraparound and Low-Profile. The Wraparound design offers a sleek, aerodynamic appearance and design permits easy cleaning and waxing. The Low-Profile models are smaller and sit lower on the hood. Both are car wash safe. The standard Bugflector is made of dark smoke acrylic. For the more popular trucks and SUVs, stainless steel bug guards will last a life time and are more impervious to rack damage.

    For the outdoorsman, camo bug shield versions allow each person to customize their truck to reflect what they like. Chrome models have recently become available as a truck accessory. They offer a lot of sparkle for a slightly higher price. Most bug deflectors are No-Drill. The website will list those that are. The rest attach with 3M tape or a few self-taping screws attached to the underside of the hood.

    Chrome Accessories are an easy way to dress up a truck. Most popular are Chrome Door Handle covers. Installation is peel-n-stick and they look great and last. Each chrome handle is precision designed for each application - none are universal. Available materials are chrome over ABS plastic or Chrome plated Stainless Steel - both look great and add a bright focal point to your trucks doors. Chrome tailgate handles are available with or without keyholes. To complement them, we suggest a set of mirror covers. Some cover the whole back of the mirror and others accent to upper or lower rear panel of the factory mirror. A Chrome Fuel Door cover can change a drab fender into a cool feature that highlights your truck and makes it stand out from others.

    Other Chrome truck accessories include headlight accents, taillight accents, 3rd brake light covers, chrome side vents, and flame trim. Lastly, for you Chevy truck owners, Chrome Chevy bowtie emblems for your grill.

    Suspension Lift Kits will raise your truck. You do this for two reasons: Bigger tires or more ground clearance. The most popular truck lift kits are 4 inches or 6 inches. These kits are complete with shocks and instructions - perfect to the do-it-yourselfer. Most require no welding and are a bolt-on application. We can also ship direct to a professional installer of your choice if your just not that mechanical or do not have the time. Suspension Lift Kits of 8 inches, 10 inches, and even 12 inches typically require more modifications, such as elongated driveshafts and brakelines, and require replacement of more suspension components. These lifts are more for off-road use and require more expertise for installation. All lift kits will level the truck, so the front will be raised more than the rear to eliminate the forward sloping rake.

    There are different rear lift methods:
    Lift Blocks are generally to most popular since they afford the best ride quality and are the least expensive. However, rear spring axle hop can be an issue, especially with powerful diesel engines. Traction bars or ladder bars may be required to stabilize the rear end and minimize the spring wrap.

    Add-a-Leafs can be used with or without lift blocks and are recommended to strengthen weak factory leaf springs or when the truck is used for hauling or towing. Top-mounted overload springs can be retained when using add-a-leafs.

    Replacement Rear Leaf Springs are the best choice if the factory springs are overly fatigued or damaged. This is the most expensive option. The ride quality is that of a heavy duty spring. Top-mounted factory overloads must be removed when using this option.

    Leveling Kits are a low cost way to eliminate the nose down rake. New shocks are not required for most leveling kits. Truck Leveling Kits add inches to the front suspension. It may be torsion bar keys, strut or coil spring spacers, longer replacement front coils, leaf spring packs, or arched replacement front leaf springs - depending on your truck's front suspension. All leveleing kits are complete and include installation instructions.

    Air Suspension will increase carrying capacity and prevent the back from squatting from heavy loads. Air helper springs (Air Bags) are durable air springs that allow you to maximize your vehicles carrying capacity through the use of air pressure. Makes your vehicles suspension adjustable for various road and load conditions. Firestone air helper springs will: Level off-center loads (front-to-rear and side-to-side leveling), Reduce suspension fatigue, and Increase vehicle stability and comfort. Increase your truck's carrying capacity loads ranging from 1000 - 5000 lbs, with this adjustable air suspension system.

    If you want to convienence of adjusting the ride height with the puch of a button or with auto level control, we have a number of Air Compressor kits to fit every need or load. If you need help, contact our Tech Staff to help you select the best truck air suspension solution for your truck.

    Want your Heavy Duty truck to ride more softly like a light duty truck? Then the R4Tech system may be you best answer to an aching back. It will greatly improve the ride when the truck is empty and automatically handle the load when its time to work.

    Fender Flares add style and tire coverage. Available in both Black plastic and Camo patterns, Ultimate Auto Accessories can help you outfit your truck just the way you want it. The Fender Flare kits are custom made for each application and the black units are ready for paint. Fender Flares come in several widths depending on how much attitude you want your truck to have. If you have added wider tires, some states require that the fenders cover them. A new set of fender flares can keep the law off your back while make your truck look good.

    Camouflage Accessories for the Hunter: Spring is the time for hunting turkey, goose, or bear, depending on where you live. Each outdoorsman has his favorite camo pattern like Mossy Oak Breakup, Duck Blind, or Realtree APG. In addition to clothing and gear in your favorite colors, you can also apply it to your truck in the form of fender flares, vent visors, bug deflectors, and mud flaps.

    All Weather Floor Mats Itís that time of year where it is rainy and wet. You get into your truck and realize you just got mud all over your carpeted floor mats. You donít have to deal with this anymore. The Husky Liners are a perfect way to keep your truck clean. They are made of rubberized material and keep all the mess self contained with raised edges. All you have to do it take it out of your vehicle and shake it off to clean it. This way you no longer have to worry about you or your friends and family getting the carpeted floor mats in your truck dirty. You should protect one of your biggest investments. We have a complete line of floor liners and stain resistant mats.

    Nerf Bars give you a leg up to enter the truck. There will be a non-skid step pad for each door on your truck, so extended cab and crewcab trucks have 2 pads per side and regular cab truck have just one. Wheel to Wheel nerf bars will also add a third pad to each side for access to the bed.

    Nerf bars are available in Chrome, Polished Stainless Steel, and Black Powdercoat finishes. There are even some Chrome Plated Stainless Steel bars if you want the shine of chrome with the longevity of stainless steel. If you live is a highly corrosive winter environment like Michigan, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, etc where salt or worse is sprayed on the roads, we recommend Steelcraft ALL STAINLESS Nerf Bars. The bar are not only stainless steel, but so is the mounting brackets - they are the one brand that offers them.

    Nerf Bars come in several types:
    - 3 inch Round Bars are the most common nerf bars. Typically, the curve under the truck in front of the door and end at the back of the cab.
    - 4 Inch Round Bars are typically polished stainless steel and look best on larger trucks with extended cabs or crewcabs. These bars come at a price premium but the look is well worth it.
    - Oval Tube Steps give you a wider bar without the higher cost of 4 inch round bars. Most are straight bars with a black plastic end cap.
    - Premium or Deluxe Oval Tubes curve at the ends.
    - Kick-Out tubes are for duallys (dual rear wheels) and as the name states they are wheel to wheel and kick out at the back in front of the rear wheel assembly.
    - Stirrup Style bars like N-Fab and GoRhino dominator series work best on lifted trucks. The bar is close to the rocker panels to protect against off-road rocks and logs while the stirrups hang down and make entry into a higher truck easier.

    Truck Bed Accessories: If you own a truck you need to cover the bed to prevent leaves, debris, and water from building up inside. A tonneau cover can do this. It will even improve gas mileage while protecting the bed from the elements. Several styles are available to complement your wallet and truck bed needs. The tonneau cover will secure your contents in the bed and for added security a tailgate lock can be used to prevent the tailgate from being stolen. To protect the bed floor from scrapes and dings use a rubber bed mat. They are heavy gauge rubber and fit into the grooves of the bed. This will also reduce cargo shifting while driving since it adds more friction to the surface. To contain your cargo within the bed, use an adjustable cargo gate or a set of bed rails to provide tie down points.

    Tonneau Covers come in five styles: Rollup, Retractable, Folding, Snap, and Hinged. Each will help improve aerodynamics and gas mileage and look great doing it. Ultimate Auto Accessories has a truck tonneau cover for nearly every model available for a great price and immediate delivery. All of our tonneau covers are easy to install and come with complete detailed instructions. Trust us for the latest in truck accessories to maximize enjoyment and efficiency of your truck.

    A roll-up tonneau cover gives you the adaptability you need and the sporty look you want. Each tonneau is made model specific for the tightest fit. Our truck bed covers are available for most Chevy, GMC, Ford, Dodge, Nissan, Mazda and Toyota pickup trucks. With the exception of a snap cover, each cover has a locking feature that latches from underneath. Close and lock the tailgate, and your cargo in the bed is secure. If your truck does not have a locking tailgate, then we have add-on tailgate locks by Pop-n-Lock that work quite well and are simple to install.

    Newer pickup trucks with the optional track system can use tonneau covers specifically adapted to attach to the side rails on the track system. Otherwise, clamps are used to hold the tonno cover frame to the inside edge of the bed caps.

    Truck Accessories personalize your truck to show that it's yours. The truck manufacturer made a million of them just alike and by adding your favorite truck accessory items it becomes unique. Ultimate Auto Accessories has a full line of quality parts made by name brand companies so you can buy with confidence that the quality of workmanship and warranty support is the best.

    It seems like itís always the top-of-the-line models that come with all the great extras. The chrome handles, the running boards, and the better looking grille. Now you donít have to buy the top of the line model to have a great looking grille. The bolt-over grilles provide your vehicle with a stylish look. The grilles are bolted on over the existing grille and come in chrome, billet aluminum, and stainless steel. This option is less expensive than buying an entire replacement grill and provides the same great look for you vehicle. When people see you drive up they will be impressed by how great your truck looks.

    Truck selection falls into two categories: Work and Play.
    Work trucks are functional and the truck accessories you need help get the job done. Air helper springs to keep the back suspension from sagging, floor liners to catch and hold all the mess that happens, a bed liner or bed mat with bed rails and bed caps to keep the truck bed intact, fog lights and a grillguard to defect the occasional deer.
    Fun trucks are the best. Lets face it - a truck has a macho persona - Bigger, Taller, Badder is better. A suspension lift kit to allow for 37 inch tires, chrome wheel to wheel nerf bars to add a easy step up, chrome truck accessories for the door handles, tailgate, mirrors and gas tank cover complete the look, a FIPK fuel injection performance kit to make your engine roar, and a tri-fold tonneau cover to make the truck sleek and stylish.

    Ultimate Auto Accessories has been the place for all of your Car, Truck, and SUV needs since 2001.

    We try to have the best price everyday without sales gimmicks. We carry a large assortment of nerf bars, bull bars, euro tail lights, husky floor mats, cargo liners, vent visors, bug deflectors, sunroof deflectors, hood scoops, mud flaps, truck bed covers, fog lights, grill inserts, leveling kits, lift kits, air suspension, ladder bars, grill guards, and more. We only sell name brand products so you can buy with confidence that the quality of workmanship and warranty support is the best.

    Ultimate Auto Accessories has all of your truck accessory needs covered - Get started by making selections above.




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